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Yu Darvish confused after altering mechanics prior to start

Yu Darvish admitted to confusing himself during Saturday’s game with his mechanics. He experimented with a change in delivery during his bullpen session prior to his start and at some point Saturday he became off-kilter.

Banister noticed a change with where Darvish’s’ landing foot was hitting the mound during his follow through.

7 Earned runs allowed by Yu Darvish in Saturday’s start, which ties his career-high.

“There was some inconsistency with the delivery, when the foot strike is not consistent, then the release is not going to be consistent,” Banister said. “There was a period where he was extremely consistent and he put up the zeroes.”

That was in the third and fourth innings. On either side of that Darvish combined to allow a career-high seven earned runs, including a three-run homer by Marcus Semien in the fifth.

Darvish tried to get back to the mechanics he used in his previous start against the Angels in Anaheim but it tripped him up.

“I felt a little different when I was warming up [before Saturday’s game],” he said. “I tried to put it back where I was mechanically when I pitched against the Angels. Mentally, I was a little confused with what I tried in the last bullpen session, which was different than before and the mechanics I had against LA.”

Mentally, I was a little confused with what I tried in the last bullpen session.

Rangers RHP Yu Darvish

Banister said that may have been the case early when Darvish allowed four runs in the first two innings, but not against Semien in the fifth.

“The pitch to Semien was just a misfire and Semien put a good swing on it,” Banister said. “All pitchers are always looking to gain an edge. They have a lot of time on their hands between starts. Routine is what allows these guys to have great success. They’re always looking to be better and get better.”

So is Darvish tinkering too much?

“If you want to call that tinkering … I look at it as them trying to gain an edge,” Banister said.

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