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WWII veteran gets his own high school graduation ceremony 71 years later

The graduating class of 2017 just added its newest classmate, an 89-year-old WWII veteran.

Abner Simon was drafted in 1945 and didn’t get to experience his high school ceremony, KBMT reports.

Orangefield ISD wanted to change that.

The school district in the Southeast Texas town listed Simon as a graduate in 1945 but didn’t tell him.

Now 71 years later, Simon stopped by Friday while visiting the area to pick up his transcript.

However, the WWII veteran was surprised with a newly signed diploma along with a cap and gown.

Orangefield superintendent Dr. Stephen Patterson also called in the band and the student body to show support.

The station reports Simon, who now preaches in Richmond, Va., has been invited to rejoin his new classmates and speak at the school’s May 2017 graduation.


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