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Woman traumatized after witnesses fatal Hayden crash

HAYDEN, Idaho -

The Idaho State Police have identified who the deputy is who hit and killed a woman crossing the road.

They say Kootenai County Sheriff’s deputy Andrew Nye was driving in the right lane southbound on Highway 95 when the crash happened, killing 38-year-old Amber Viuhkola at Miles Road.

Surveillance video shows cars driving southbound and the woman crossing the road.

“We were going down and coming down this area. I saw the cop swerve really hard and I was really confused because I did see something run across the street, but I wasn’t quite sure of what it was,” says Taylor Hull.

She witnessed the crash and she and her friends were driving back from Silverwood. They were behind the deputy’s car.

“I saw this white figure fly up in the air,” Hull says. “I was really traumatized. I felt really dizzy. I thought I was going to pass out.”

ISP is still investigating but they do say they heard Viuhkola had been at a bar earlier that night.

Hull is now urging anyone who crosses that highway to be careful. If you saw or know anything, give ISP a call (208) 209-8730

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