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Woman Sought After String of Home Robberies Caught on Camera in Long Beach: Police

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Long Beach police are investigating on Wednesday after residents reported a string of home robberies and car break-ins caught on surveillance video.

The woman suspected in the robberies has hit several homes in the area and usually strikes between midnight and 3 a.m., witnesses told KTLA. The victims began posting their concerns on a Long Beach community forum before filing police reports.

“It was really terrifying; I was really uncomfortable for a number of weeks. I started seeing more and more pictures of her on the Next Door app pop up and I’m like ‘wow, it’s the same person’,” said Celeste Jones, a victim of the robber.

The woman can be seen taking items from the front porch of a home in one surveillance video.

In another video, the robber can be seen breaking into a SUV owned by the Jones family in early September. She reportedly stole a tablet, a purse and other items, according to Jones.

“I didn’t know if she was working with, like, a team of people or if they were going to come back,” said Jones. “Some of the things she took out of my car identified me personally and I didn’t know if my identity was going to be stolen, or if she was going to come back and try and break into the house.”

The robber attempted to use the stolen credit card, according to Jones. Orange County deputies pulled over the alleged robber days later, after observing multiple items in her car, residents said.

She was questioned but ultimately released, according to residents. Long Beach police told KTLA it was difficult to determine if it was the same woman in all the videos.

“Every time we hear a noise now, we’re freaking out at three in the morning and we’re looking out the window. That’s the story of our life until she’s caught,” said Malik Jones, a relative of Celeste.

Police are urging residents to contact the Long Beach Police Department so officers can gather more evidence in the case.


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