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Woman fosters and adopts dog in its time of need

Celia says she has fostered “well over 20 dogs” in her nearly six years of being a fosterer. But the animal shelter volunteer never adopted one of her foster dogs before, until she met Riley.

“Riley was rescued from a dog hoarding situation in Georgia,” according to Northeast Animal Shelter’s YouTube page. “The conditions were terrible with over thirty dogs living in a cramped trailer. The dogs were rescued and Riley was sent to Massachusetts to find a loving home.”

It was there that Celia met Riley and agreed to foster the dog as he recovered from bilateral hip surgery. The two quickly bonded and Celia officially decided to adopt Riley.

While Celia wishes she could have had baby pictures of Riley when he was a puppy, she’s still happy for the time she’s gotten to spend with him.

“He’s my baby,” Celia said, “and regardless of if he’s 2 or a puppy, he’s the best dog ever.”

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