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Whoopi Goldberg Unleashes After Co-Hosts Claim White Women Fought to Vote Just as Hard as Black People

On the Oct. 18 edition of “The View,” comedienne and co-host Whoopi Goldberg offers a quick history lesson to people who claim Black people did not earn the right to vote.

During the episode, co-hosts discussed recent allegations by the Trump campaign that the election is rigged and there is rampant voter fraud nationwide. Many of “The View’s” panelists believed the campaign’s overzealous claims were baseless. However, there was a slight disagreement over Black people’s and white women’s fight to have the right to vote.

In the clip, Goldberg reminds the panel that Black people had to risk their lives to go to polls.

“Black people vote because we earned the right to vote. We had to take tests and figure out philosophical discussions in order to get the right to vote,” she exclaims. “Women were not thought of as a desk or chattel. [Black people] weren’t considered human. So for us getting the right to vote after dogs attacked us, people were killed … Voting is real. This is not a game.”

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