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White California Protesters Call Out White People’s Silence to Black Suffering

A group of white Los Angeles protesters stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement to address recent cases of police brutality.

The Oct. 1 shooting of 18-year-old Carnell Snell sparked a new wave of protests. According to an Oct. 3 CBS News report, LAPD pulled him over after his paper license plates did not match the model of his vehicle. After he was pulled over, Snell exited out the back seat and ran. Then, Snell reportedly reached for a handgun from his waistband and turned to officers in an attempt to fire. Subsequently, arresting officers fired six rounds, killing him. CBS News reports that Snell had a loaded gun with one round left in the chamber.

In the Oct. 17 clip, Kevin, leader of the Cre8 The Change community organization, and a group of white protesters chant in solidarity with Black protesters calling for Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck to step down. Viewers can hear protesters say, “Black lives they matter here,” and “We’re white people who demand that all white people take a stand” as an anti-police brutality skit plays out. 

Welbeck posted the video on Instagram with the hashtags #ISupportThis and #WhitePeopleForBlackLives in an effort to get others to protest police brutality.

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