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What you need to know about James Boyd mistrial

The judge in the Sandy, Perez trial declared a mistrial Tuesday. Here’s what you need to know about the case: 

What happened?

• James Boyd was shot and killed by former Albuquerque Police Department Officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez on March 16, 2014.
• The shooting came down after an hourslong standoff with several police agencies.
• Police were called to the 800 block of Piedra Vista the night of March 16, after neighbors spotted Boyd illegally camping in the area.
• Neighbors claimed Boyd was causing a disturbance, yelling and screaming loudly.
• APD Chief Gorden Eden said Boyd threatened to kill officers and had several knives in his possession.


• Days after the shooting, Chief Eden defended the officers’ actions and released police body camera video of the shooting.
• The video ignited public outcry and sparked two massive protests in downtown Albuquerque.
• In January of 2015 Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg announced she would seek murder charges against Sandy and Perez.
• Officers cried foul at Brandenburg’s involvement in the case because her son had been investigated by the department in an unrelated matter.


• On March 25, protesters carried a symbolic coffin through the streets, bearing the names of with 22 people killed by Albuquerque police since 2010.
• The crowd gathered near the Alvarado Transportation Center, and demonstrators marched about six blocks to the Albuquerque police headquarters on Fourth and Roma.
• The following Sunday, more than 500 people took to the streets for 12 hours, making stops at APD’s headquarters, Civic Plaza and the University of New Mexico’s main campus. The protest started around noon.
• At least one officer was injured during the protest. Mayor Richard Berry said another officer was spit on and hit with a rock, while another was trapped in a patrol car.
• As part of police efforts to control the large crowds, dozens of officers donned riot gear and were armed with tear gas.
• Albuquerque police arrested at least four people and charged them with disorderly conduct.

The trial:

• In April 2015 Brandenburg was disqualified from prosecuting the pair, but allowed to pick a special prosecutor.
• Brandenburg tapped well-known attorney Randi McGinn to replace her
• In August 2015 after a preliminary hearing, a judge ruled that Sandy and Perez would face murder charges in Boyd’s death. Both faced second-degree murder charges.
• Judge Alisa Hadfield dismissed the voluntary manslaughter charges against now-retired Detective Keith Sandy and former Officer Dominique Perez in court Sept. 28
• Hadfield declared a mistrial on Oct. 11, after three days of deliberations in the case. Nine jurors voted not guilty, while three voted guilty. 

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