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Welcome to our website!

Welcome to our website!

Weekend harness racing

Harness racing

Bangor Raceway

Monday’s starters, 3 p.m.

FIRST, Pace, $2,600

1. Lil Miss Snowflake, Da Deslandes

2. Swift Image, Ro Cushing

3. Maddie D, Ga Mosher

4. Stirling Beauty, An Harrington

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5. Midnight Mass, Mi Stevenson

SECOND, Pace, $3,800

1. Regal Delight, An Harrington

2. Someplace Special, Mi Stevenson

3. Card Rustler, Ro Cushing

4. Daniel Semalu, Gr Bowden

5. Bold Willie, Ga Mosher

THIRD, Pace, $2,600

1. Had To Be Me, Da Deslandes

2. Nf Sinfull, Ga Mosher

3. Lifeontherange, Mi Stevenson

4. Ashton Seelster, An Harrington

5. Dragon King, Mi Cushing

FOURTH, Pace, $2,600

1. Beach Fighter A, Mi Stevenson

2. Air Force Grad, Ch Cushing

3. Four Starz Louie, Ga Mosher

4. Hurrikaneeilishlyn, Ti Hudson

5. Northern Smoke Out, An Harrington

6. Fiesty Baran, Gr Bowden

7. Amazing Quest, Mi…

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