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WATCH: Neil Young protests Dakota Access pipeline with new song

PHOTO/VIDEO: neilyoungchannel/YouTubePHOTO/VIDEO: neilyoungchannel/YouTube


Neil Young is joining the protest against the four-state Dakota Access pipeline with his new song, “Indian Givers.”
The music video for the song shows clips of Young driving his car and footage of the recent anti-pipeline protests, including a man who chained himself to construction equipment last week.
Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people from around the country have gathered at an encampment north of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota over the past weeks to protest the construction of the four-state, $3.8 billion pipeline.
“There’s a battle raging on the sacred land/ Our brothers and sisters have to take a stand,” Young sings.
Young previously advocated against the Keystone XL pipeline in 2014 with his song “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?”

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