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Warriors roll past Spartans

We are seeing a nice trend being established and a team starting to believe in itself. Not bad after 6 games consider it is a brand new offense, new playbook, new calls, new coaches and a couple dozen new players between recruits and walk-ons. How can you judge down on a team whose reality is being a team in a mid-major conference.

Context: ESPN college football conference rankings. MWC is 7th of 10. Top 6 are SEC, Big 10, Big 12, ACC, Pac-12 as the power-5 conferences, then the AAC as #6.

,p> We played a top 30 in Cal in Australia, then a week later #5 ranked Michigan on the road, then a Pac-12 team in AZ also on the road. Sitting at 3-3 after playing 4 of the first 6 games on the road, traveling 4x as much (25,000+ miles flown) as any other major college football team, we aren’t in a bad spot. We are already 2-0 in conference, first time since before Chow. Won a road game for the first time since 2014, and only the 2nd road win since 2011. All steps are positive.

Defense is starting to click. Offense is moving the ball with consistency. We still have 7 more games to go. #35 Air Force, #36 SDSU on the road. Then #19 Boise State at home. We have more to cheer for now than in the previous 4 years.

Only the ignorant fans blowing hot air would say in impatience they they aren’t beating top 10 teams immediately at the talent level we have. They don’t know football, how long it takes to build a talent core, establish entire team players within a system, and executing it. Go Rainbow Warriors!

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