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Want to see a polarized electorate? Take a look at Georgia

Want to see political polarization, 2016 edition? Consider Georgia.

A new Monmouth University state poll released Monday found Donald Trump up 45-42 percent over Hillary Clinton, a small margin in a state Republicans need badly to win the election.

But the state is split in all kinds of ways. Among them:

–Urban/elsewhere. Clinton’s up 20 in the greater Atlanta area. Trump’s up 18 in the rest of the state.

–Black voters. Clinton 88, Trump 4.

–White Voters. Trump 66, Clinton 20.

–White voters with no college degree. Trump 78, Clinton 10.

–White voters over 50. Trump 68, Clinton 23.

–White voters under 50. Trump 63, Clinton 16, Libertarian Gary Johnson 16.

It all points to a Trump advantage.

“There has been some talk of Georgia becoming part of a demographic realignment in presidential politics. However, Clinton is not quite making the needed inroads among young white voters to take the lead here,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, in a news release.

Monmouth cited the 2008 National Election Pool exit poll, when 98 percent of black voters and 23 percent of white voters in Georgia supported President Barack Obama, who lost the state by 5. There was no state exit poll in 2012.

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