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Voter fraud hard to prove

Although timing makes it feel like a political move, there is merit to the state attorney general’s investigation of possible Tarrant County voter fraud.

Officially, voter fraud rarely occurs, but some people believe that the vote-by-mail process has been abused for multiple election cycles.

The investigation focuses on mail-in ballots, which doesn’t need identity verification. Officials are concerned with canvassers possibly harvesting votes — filling out and casting ballots themselves without voter’s knowledge or consent.

Local authorities are working with Attorney General Ken Paxton, but nothing yet been found to get the Tarrant County district attorney involved.

The practice of “vote harvesting” is hard to confirm. To catch someone committing the fraud, officials would have to find a voter who says they didn’t cast a ballot. Then they have to pin the fraud on someone who did.

It would be even harder to pin culpability on a candidate.

But having the state look into the system is always a good thing. This investigation could put to bed this particular form of the “rigged election” theory. It might even find fraud.

We don’t need any more fear in this election.

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