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Video Shows BMW Landing on Concrete Barrier After Impatient Driver Tries to Pass Car on N.Y. Road

An apparently impatient driver’s BMW ended up on a concrete barrier after colliding with a school bus when he tried to pass another vehicle on an interstate on-ramp in Albany, New York, this week, dashcam video showed.

The crash occurred Tuesday at the intersection of Broadway and Interestate-787.

In the video, the man driving the car with a dashcam slows down to allow a school bus to merge on Broadway. The driver of the BMW behind him appears to get frustrated.

As the car drives forward toward the on-ramp, the BMW driver speeds up and tries to pass him while he is turning left onto an on-ramp. Seconds later, the BMW hits an orange barrel, collides with the school bus, and lands on top of a concrete barrier.

“I thought there was another lane,” the driver of the BMW can be heard yelling in the video.

According to some Reddit commenters who live in Albany, the road has always been a one-lane on-ramp. However, the concrete barriers were recently added, making the lane more narrow than it used to be.

No serious injuries were reported.


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