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Video of Central Dauphin marching band's performance for hospice dad has everyone teary eyed

What happens when a high school band dad is sick and is unable to go out and see his daughter perform with the band?

In the case of the Central Dauphin High School marching band, the band goes to dad – and in the process the video makes everyone misty eyed.

That’s exactly what happened recently: Deane Goldmann, whose daughter Chloe is a member of the Ram band, was disappointed that he would not be able to see his daughter perform in her senior year. Goldmann, who is under hospice care, is a booster.

So marching band director Matt Carraher arranged for a special surprise performance at the Goldmann residence before the first football game of the season. 

The performance outside of Goldmann’s residence was captured on video and has had thousands of views on social media from people across the country.

Lori’s email to Carraher and the entire band (which was provided to PennLive) says it all:

“You all will never know just how special that was for our family, but especially for Deane and Chloe. It. Was. Incredible! Overwhelming. And a such beautiful thing to be part of, and a precious gift to receive. I can only imagine the hurdles and mountains you had to climb in order to set that all up. I’m still in shock and awe that you were able to get permission and approval from the administration & bus company. ……You guys did something very kind for one of your band families, and are hopefully receiving a shower of good will in return.”

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