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UT ex Geoff Swaim makes the most of his fourth-down chance

Geoff Swaim played only four games and made only one catch last season as a rookie. But when the Cowboys had a fourth down Sunday, they called his number.

Swaim picked up 28 yards to the Redskins 2. It led to an Ezekiel Elliott touchdown.

“It was big,” Swaim said. “I think it was just kind of doing what you’re asked. We felt like it was a good call. I was aware of the big-time moment that it was in. Hopefully, next time I can get my ankle turned and not trip up. A little sniper got me on the grass.

“It was big, and it was a big part of the game. I was happy to be in this situation and fortunate enough to get the ball thrown my way.”


The Cowboys drafted Swaim in the seventh round in 2015 for his blocking. He had only 13 catches for 84 yards and a touchdown in his two seasons at Texas.

On Sunday, though, he was ready for his opportunity to shine.

“It’s something if you can get the first down, then get the first down,” Swaim said of the fourth-down play. “You’re obviously not looking to throw a Hail Mary. You’re always in your mind, no matter what route you’re running, or where you are in the progression, you’re always going to be thinking the ball’s coming my way, so you’re not surprised or anything.”

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