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UPDATE: Newport couple brings bike to Spokane man

SPOKANE, Wash. -

After we shared Gilbert Ackaret’s story on KHQ Local News at 5pm Thursday, we received dozens of phone calls, emails and Facebook messages from viewers wanting to help. Gilbert is a special needs man in North Spokane who had his bike stolen Monday when he went grocery shopping.

Two of those viewers who wanted to help were Mike and Christy Mielke, who live in Newport, WA.

“We saw Gilberts story about the theft of the bicycle, and we have been robbed two times in the last three years so we knew how he felt,” said Mike Mielke.

The Mielkes turned that feeling into action.

“We kind of looked at each other and she kind of gave me a look,” said Mike Mielke. “We’ve been married long enough, and I knew what that look was, so I picked up the phone and called KHQ.”

The couple already had a bike that looked very similar to the one Gilbert described was stolen.

“It’s been ridden a little bit but it’s been sitting in our garage for a couple a years,” said Mike Mielke.

So the pair put the bike in the back of their truck and brought it to Gilbert. When he saw his bike, Gilbert’s reaction was priceless. He could hardly contain himself, and he had a smile from ear to ear.

Gilbert got a quick look at the bike, and as soon as the Mielkes got out of the truck, Gilbert went straight for a hug and said thank you.

“I’m happy now I got a bike,” said Gilbert.

Other viewers are also hooking Gilbert up with a helmet and a light to go on the bike so he can see at night.

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