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Two ex-girlfriends of Fort Worth kidnapping suspect have vanished

A Fort Worth man held on a kidnapping charge in connection with the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend had another ex-girlfriend vanish a decade ago.

Taalibah Islam, whom Christopher Revill had a son with, was last seen in January 2006.

According to that report, Revill told police he had last seen Islam, who at the time was his ex-girlfriend, five days earlier when she had been visiting him in the 1900 block of Bay Oaks Court with their child.

Revill told police that Islam left the residence, leaving the baby behind, and got into a vehicle with an unknown person and left. He told police he believed she would come back for the baby but that no one had heard from her since.

He told police it was “unusual” for Islam to be gone so long without calling about the baby.

Islam has never been found.

When asked if Revill is a suspect in Islam’s 2006 disappearance and whether that case has been reopened, police spokesman Jimmy Pollozani responded by email that the major case unit is “focusing their attention on trying to locate” Typhenie Johnson.


Friday morning, investigators returned to the area of Sandy Lane Park, near where Revill lives, to conduct another search. The house, in the 7500 block of Calmar Court, backs up to the park, which is about 14 miles from Johnson’s apartment.

Johnson, 25, was last seen at the Post Oak East apartments in far east Fort Worth near Texas 360 and Trinity Boulevard, about 9 p.m. Monday.


Anyone with information on Typhenie Johnson’s whereabouts is asked to contact police at 817-392-4430.

According to an affidavit, Johnson had been talking to Revill outside the apartment, with whom she had broken up with two months earlier.

During their talk Monday, Johnson had reiterated to Revill “that it was over,” the affidavit states.

Concerned for Johnson, her brother and her current boyfriend had been keeping their eye on the talking couple but after about 20 minutes, Revill and Johnson moved their conversation to the side of the apartment building.

Revill then came into Johnson’s apartment about 20 minutes later and collected some items. When asked by Johnson’s brother where his sister had gone, Revill told him she “left with someone who was going to fix her vehicle” and then left the apartment.

When Johnson’s brother went downstairs to look for her, he noticed that Revill’s car had been backed into a yard area of grass and dirt. He saw Revill close the trunk before getting inside the car and driving away.

Near where Revill’s car had been parked, the brother found his sister’s sock and cellphone. Her car keys were later found in the parking lot, police said.

Johnson’s brother called Fort Worth police about 15 minutes later.

A responding officer called Revill and told him he needed to return to the complex.

Revill arrived about 25 minutes later, sweating despite the cool temperature, the affdiavit states.

Revill denied to investigators harming Johnson and parking in the grass where Johnson’s belongings were found.

The affidavit states, however, shoe and tire impressions left in the grass and dirt area where Johnson’s belongings were found appeared to match his car and shoes.

A search of his backyard also uncovered a stretched-out bra, the woman’s shirt, a broken watch and a man’s tank top, according to the affidavit.

Revill’s parents, who were not home when Johnson went missing, told police that the items did not belong to them and had not been in the yard before, according to the affidavit.

Revill remained in the Mansfield Jail Friday on the kidnapping charge and a parole violation.

This report contains material from the Star-Telegram archives.

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