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Trump's Campaign Manager Downplays Donald's Threats To Jail Clinton As A 'Quip'

Trump was only kidding when he said he’d arrest Hillary Clinton.

That’s the spin Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning.

Conway finally resurfaced after cancelling her Sunday show appearances abruptly. It’s possible that Saturday Night Live making fun of her lies had something to do with that.

Willie Geist asked, “Donald Trump announced during the debate he would appoint a special prosecutor if he was elected President to look into Hillary Clinton and her e-mails and in an offhand moment he said she would be in jail if he were President. Does he stand by that this morning?”

Conway replied, “That was a quip. I’ll go with NBC on it. He had already finished his statement. she said something that’s why you’ll never be president. He said you would be in jail and so that was his answer.”

She continued, “As for the special prosecutor, I think that’s Donald Trump channeling the frustration he hears from thousands of voters on the stump every day.”

No, it wasn’t a quip, it was a threat. A quip is defined as a “witty remark.”

There’s nothing witty about empowering a special prosecutor and promising to jail your political rival.

And it’s not a joke. The threat is actually pinned to the top of Donald Trump’s campaign Facebook page this morning. What’s the problem, Donald? You say one thing in public and another in “private”?

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