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Trump Supporters Behaving Badly, Part Gobzillion

Quotations from Brett Stevens at this Intelligence Squared Debate:

You know, for a long time I think most of us in this room kept thinking well, one day Donald Trump is going to say something that’s so bad that the bubble will burst, right? And at first it was the McCain comment. Then it was the Megyn Kelly comment. Then maybe the Mussolini comment. Then maybe that horrendous comment about Judge Curiel, Gonzalo Curiel, then Mexicans as racists. No, that was before. Anyway, a whole succession of things.

And I want to say at one point he’s going to say something and it’s just — it’s going to end it and it never happened and I kept wondering why — why does this not happen? And I thought, you know why? I’ll tell you why. Because this is like a strip club and every time he says something dirty it turns out people want more of it.

And so what he was doing, what he was doing they’re like take it off, take more off, take more off.

He was appealing to the pornographic instinct of a part of the American population. What was happening was the species of political pornography. Now, Mrs. Clinton just said this terrible thing, the “basket of deplorables” and we’re all saying oh, it was bad politics, but you know what?

It wasn’t untrue. It wasn’t untrue.

Photos h/t @colmorrisdavis.

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