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Trump Jr. Tweets Illiterate Meme Comparing Refugee Children To Skittles

Donald Trump, Jr. is as dumb as a rock, but even he isn’t so dumb as to be ignorant to the fact that the meme he tweeted out earlier today is not only racist as hell, it’s also a favorite of the white supremacists online who still indulge themselves in mockery of Trayvon Martin while singing their hero George Zimmerman’s praises.

First, let’s stipulate that whoever created this is a punctuation-challenged human being. Here is what Trump Jr. tweeted:

That prompted this reply from deadbeat Dad and former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh:

The use of Skittles in that meme isn’t accidental. White supremacists use Skittles in memes slamming Trayvon Martin and glorifying his murderer, George Zimmerman.

So the son and surrogate of the Republican candidate for President of the United States thinks it’s perfectly fine to tweet out racist memes about children who are suffering.

Good to know.

(h/t Little Green Footballs)

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