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Trump, Clinton too close to call in New Hampshire

Donald Trump’s still in play in New Hampshire.

While Hillary Clinton opens up a wider lead in many swing states, a new WBUR survey found she’s ahead of Trump by 41-38 percent in the swing state. Libertarian Gary Johnson had 11 percent.

“In the last couple [of election] cycles, the margin in New Hampshire has been about the same as the margin nationwide, but this poll is a bit divergent from where the national polls have been coming in recently,” Steve Koczela, president of MassINC Polling Group, told WBUR.

“Really, since the first debate, Clinton has widened her lead nationally, but the last couple of phone polls I’ve seen from New Hampshire, it’s been a bit narrower.”

Clinton was up 7 in late September. The new poll was taken the three nights after Sunday’s debate.

It found three of four people saw the 11-year-old videotape that surfaced last Friday, where Trump makes lewd remarks about women. Sixty percent said Trump should continue his campaign.

“I think people’s reaction to the video is telling in terms of how this election is unfolding, and perhaps why New Hampshire is actually closer than I would have thought,” Koczela told WBUR. “Even though most people have seen it, and most people don’t think that Donald Trump is a role model, a lot of people are voting for him anyway.”

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