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Trump Can't Help It: Brags To Fox And Friends 'I Knew It Was A Bomb'

Of course Trump brags that he knew all about the explosions over the weekend in New Jersey.

Of course he is being treated unfairly.

And of course he used a phone-in interview with Fox and Friends to pontificate about it.

Everybody says I was right. I should be a newscaster! But maybe I called it too soon? OK, give me a break…But Hillary Clinton used the word ‘bombs’ shortly thereafter and nobody said anything about it. And somebody said some of them edit that word out. They took it out. Hey, folks, it’s a rigged system, and I’ve been saying it for a long time. And the news is as dishonest as anybody there is.

And of course, the Fox and Friends crew ate it up and called it a delicious biscuit.

Maybe Donald will call in again tomorrow!

PS. Donald also took the opportunity today to re-tweet a racist green egg. Of course:

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