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Trinity River reopening delayed until Oct. 3

Kayakers and canoers will have to wait another few weeks to cruise down the Trinity River near the Fort Worth-Arlington border.

Higher than expected water flows have delayed the reopening of a section of the river where construction is being done to correct minor damage to the temporary dam braces and tarps. The damage occurred during the initial installation, according to a news release Friday from the Fort Worth Water Department.

The river is expected to reopen to traffic on Oct. 3, but rainfall could delay the scheduled reopening, the release said.

For safety reasons, kayakers and canoers cannot pass through this section of the river, even by land during the construction. There is a barrier fence across the river both upstream and downstream to show the beginning of the construction zone.

Work to reset the dam bracing is in progress. The goal is to have both the upstream and downstream dams in place on Sunday. Bypass pumping will allow the river to continue flowing down stream.

The work is part of the peak flow basin construction at the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility. The basin is being built on water department property on the north side of the Trinity River west of Greenbelt Road. The purpose of the basin is to store the peak flows that occur during large rainfall events.

The flow is released into the treatment facility as capacity allows. The temporary dams are to allow the installation of an 84-inch pipeline from the basin to the plant on the south side of the river.

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