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Transcripts: Suspect repeatedly changes story of murder of 10-year-old Victoria Martens

Target 7 obtained police transcripts sharing what Fabian Gonzales told investigators the morning after the murder of 10-year-old Victoria Martens.

Gonzales repeatedly said he had nothing to do with the crime but his story also changed repeatedly.

According to the transcripts, the day before the murder, he took Victoria to a nearby gas station. He bought her a Coke and bought himself booze.

He said she was “happy and perfect.”

But his story kept changing.

That evening, he said, he and Michelle, Victoria’s mother, went to buy drugs.

Gonzales claims when they got back to the apartment, they saw Jessica Kelley carry Victoria outside in a blanket.

He said they thought Victoria was asleep. The transcripts say Gonzales told officers Kelley was his cousin and had just gotten out of prison. But detectives asked Gonzales how a child could be murdered and dismembered, in a tiny apartment and without him hearing or seeing any of it.

At one point, he told police Kelley and Michelle Martens had killed Victoria. Then his story changed again.

He said Kelley had stabbed Victoria and he had been too afraid to stop it.

When police asked him who made the decision to cut up the body, Gonzales answered: It was Kelley. He told detectives he couldn’t control the situation, that Kelley was too strong.

He said Kelley took Victoria into the bathroom and dismembered her. According to the transcripts, Gonzales admitted he helped clean up blood.

The transcripts say at some point during all of this, Gonzales made tacos. He told the detectives that’s how his DNA could have ended up on a knife found at the scene.  

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