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Too much Trump? Even some of his supporters say yes

More than half of registered voters say Donald Trump gets too much press coverage — compared with about a third who say the same of Hillary Clinton.

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, 53 percent of those surveyed say Trump has been over-covered, compared with 34 percent who say Clinton gets too much coverage.

Even 34 percent of Trump’s own supporters say he gets too much exposure — 20 percentage points higher than the 14 percent of Clinton backers who say the same of their candidate.

The belief that the opposing candidate gets too much coverage is mutual, though Clinton supporters are somewhat more likely to say this of Trump’s coverage — 65 percent — than Trump supporters are of Clinton’s — 53 percent.

Overall, only 18 percent of registered voters say that both candidates receive too much coverage, while 27 percent say that neither candidate does.

The survey, most of which was conducted before video surfaced of Trump’s crude comments about women, also found that while voters are divided as to whether journalists should “highlight statements that many may find offensive,” both Clinton and Trump supporters want facts to be checked.

Overall, 83 percent of registered voters back fact checking, though it’s more popular among Clinton supporters: 77 percent of Clinton supporters think it is a “major responsibility” to check facts — 53 percent of Trump supporters said the same.

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