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Tom Thumb, Albertsons launch home grocery delivery service

Tom Thumb and Albertsons are joining the fast-growing online grocery trend — in a big way.

The grocers, both operated by the Albertsons Companies, with 106 stores in Dallas-Fort Worth, today will begin offering customers home delivery of most food and household items.

“The trucks are ready to go,” Tom Thumb spokeswoman Connie Yates said. “We are very excited about this, and we know our shoppers are going to be equally as excited. In this age, it’s all about convenience. It’s all about quick and easy.”

The move comes as other grocers take aggressive steps to carve out a portion of the quickly growing online grocery industry. Amazon announced last week that it had launched its Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service in North Texas, although residents in several Fort Worth ZIP codes have since said they are still not getting online access to the service. Amazon officials could not be reached to comment.

106 Number of Tom Thumb and Albertsons stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Kroger, Wal-Mart and CVS have rolled out online ordering and curbside pickup services at a number of stores. Kroger also is considering launching home delivery in the near future, said Kelly Carroll, the company’s e-commerce manager.

And there is even an Uber-like smartphone app called Shipt that offers to shop for customers at either Kroger or Central Market and deliver the goods to their home.

Aggressive steps

At Tom Thumb and Albertsons, delivery will be offered to most areas of the Metroplex, Yates said. As a rule of thumb, she said, residents who have a store within a few miles of their home can expect to be eligible for home delivery, although online customers will be asked to plug in their ZIP code to determine whether their neighborhood is eligible.

The service is being launched in-house, Yates said, with company employees driving the trucks and hauling the goods into customers’ homes. The trucks have freezers and refrigerators, so goods requiring different temperatures can all arrive in the same condition as if the customer had picked them off the shelf.

As a promotion, Tom Thumb and Albertsons shoppers can get $10 off and free delivery on their first order by entering the promotional code EASY7 at checkout. Regular home delivery rates range from $9.95 for purchases of $150 or more to $12.95 on purchases under $150 — and, in some cases, a fuel charge may apply.

The trucks are ready to go.

Connie Yates, Tom Thumb

But with that cost comes the promise of convenience. Customers can pick a one-hour delivery window for the orders to arrive at their homes, so there’s little if any waiting around for the shipment to arrive.

Also, because supermarkets can now collect vast amounts of data from shoppers through online apps and reward programs, customers will find that future orders get easier with each use.

The online menus stack items according to each customer’s taste, making it easy for customers to re-order their favorite items without searching for them.

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