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Throwback Thursday: Thunderbirds at Alliance Airport

Former Star-Telegram reporter Caty Hirst had been flying since she was two weeks old but nothing prepared her for her flight with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

Hirst wrote about her first person experience in the F-16 as the Thunderbirds were in town for the Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth in 2014.

“Like the hundreds of other flights I had been on before, the F-16 lifted gently off the runway Thursday morning – a completely normal takeoff. Then [the pilot] pivoted the plane into a steep vertical climb – and nothing felt normal again for the next hour,” Hirst wrote in this article.

The Thunderbirds are back this weekend for the show so I thought this two-year-old throwback photo and video would be a nice preview of what north Fort Worth residents will be seeing flying overhead the next few days.

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