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This has been no vacation, but the roof is boarded!



IMG_1130I have been on vacation the last 10 days and like most other people, tend to dread going back to work. I commented the other day that work is going to be a lot easier than this vacation. Except for two afternoons to go for supplies, and church on Sunday mornings, we have worked nearly every day from 8 AM to sundown on the house. I am exhausted. There are more bruises on my entire body than I can count.

Saturday saw the remainder of the collar ties put in place. We screwed a board below the ties that we had up and then put the end of the collar tie on the board. I would level it then screw in one end from atop the staging. After all of them were screwed in on one side, we rolled the staging (I hitched a ride on top) and I screwed in the other side. Bingo – our collar ties were in!

Our goal was to get the roof finished before I go back to work on Tuesday doing whatever it took. It has taken a great toll on my Dad and my heart is breaking over this. He has not been on a ladder in three days, but is struggling with his legs. I just keep saying let’s stop this for a bit but he won’t. I am just really struggling with what this is doing to him. I don’t want him working this hard but he refuses to stop. Was building ourselves the right decision?

I’ve done all the ladder work and nailing on the roof since Friday. Today we received an amazing blessing as my sister and her family came to help. I was harnessed in and perched above the collar ties 20 feet above the cement floor. I’d measure what size boards I needed, relay the message to my Dad and he’d cut them. My 11-year-old niece would run them to my brother-in-law, Kevin, who was on the second floor. At 6-foot-4, Kevin was easily able to pass the boards up to me. We had a great system in place and I got all but two of the boards put on the roof from atop the collar ties.

My Dad says he has a plan to get the final two pieces in. When he has a plan, it is usually good. We plan to get that done tomorrow along with plastic to cover the roof so that it will stay dry. Hopefully I will get my metal roof on within the next month and it will be all set for winter.

Yesterday as I was putting up the collar ties, I looked out onto the back field. There was a young deer grazing in the field. Today from atop the roof, I could see a flock of turkeys in the lower field. I can’t wait to be living there and watching these creatures daily!

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