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Thieves dump medical equipment after stealing trailer

Police need help identifying three thieves who stole a trailer filled with medical supplies from a company in southeast Albuquerque.

Beta Southwest recycles medical equipment that hospitals and doctors no longer need and gives it to charities, churches, and other organizations.

The company uses trailers to pick up those supplies so they can be taken back to the business for sorting.

On Saturday night, owner David Stuckman says three people broke into his business and took off with one trailer filled with medical equipment.

The thieves later dumped the supplies, which were found scattered along a road in southeast Albuquerque.

“It’s very frustrating for us and for our business,” Stuckman said. “We use those trailers to pick up and dump equipment.”

Luckily, the theft was caught on camera. In security video, you see the suspects break the lock on the company’s fence. They then back in a truck, hitch the trailer to the back of the truck, and speed off.

Now all Stuckman wants is his trailer back, saying it’s a crucial part of his business. If you know where the trailer is or know anything about the culprits involved, call 242-COPS.

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