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That video showing a girl tied up in a bathroom is ‘100% fake,’ police say

Anyone who watched the video will be glad to know police have determined it isn’t real.

It’s titled, “Hi Walter! I have a new gf!” and shows a man talking excitedly about meeting a girl at the mall. Then he tells the viewer he will show his new girlfriend, and it flashes to a bathroom door with a lock on the outside. When he opens the door it shows a woman on the floor screaming and crying. YouTube removed the video but a copy can be viewed below.

Due to the appearance of the woman in the video, her clothing and the supposed timing of the upload, police began investigating if it was related to the disappearance of Kayla Berg, a 15-year-old girl from Antigo, Wisconsin who went missing in August 2009. The YouTube channel said the video was uploaded in October 2009.

Police said Wednesday that the video was a hoax, according to the Wausau Daily Herald. Police said the video was actually created in 2011, but it’s unclear why the date on the video said it was in 2009.

“The Antigo Police Department was able to make contact with the producer of the short clip and the two actors in the video,” the Antigo Police Department wrote in a Facebook post. “We determined that they produced the video as a series of videos and posted this one in October 2011. They did not intend to depict any reference to our missing Kayla Berg.”

James Berg, Kayla’s older brother, told USA Today that he had mixed feelings about the video being fake. He said it would have been awful to know it was his sister screaming and crying in the video, but at least the police would have a new lead on her disappearance. He said he was glad the video had put his sister’s name back in the spotlight.

“This video has given us (him and his mother) everything we want, except the one thing we really want, answers,” Berg said.

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