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Telescope protesters’ attorney quits due to scheduling

hawhiner prospectors want to delay the court hearings, effectively delaying building permits being issued to tmt. tmt officials stated that if building permits are not issued by early 2017 they will move to another site to construct tmt. absent any payoff to the hawhiners by tmt, the hawhiners plan to delay this hearing for as long as they can.

the hawhiners first delayed court proceedings by challenging judge amano’s appointment to hear the case.

after the trial date was scheduled, hawhiners waited three months before claiming a conflict in scheduling by their lawyer and hoped the tactic would further delay court hearings. but, their gambit failed as wurdeman did not produce proof of conflict in schedule as legally required.

now, the hawhiners hope to delay in court hearings by having their lawyer resign a week before trial begins allowing them to claim they now need time to find new lawyers, and that could take months.

remember, the hawhiners won the right to this court hearing because the hawaii supreme court found that the dlnr made a due process error when it approved the project before conducting the 2011 contested case.

it seems hypocritical for the hawhiners to expect judge amano to commit an error in due process by waiving a legal requirement of proof of conflict in scheduling to grant a delay in court hearings.

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