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Teen arrested for making clown threats: Report

A 16-year-old girl has been charged for threatening clown violence at schools on social media, according to a wfmz.com report. 

The girl, a Wilson School District student, was arrested at her home in Spring Township Thursday, the report said. 

The girl admitted to posting threatening messages involving clowns on Instagram, according the Berks County district attorney’s office.

The post threatened violence at Wilson, Governor Mifflin, Reading and Twin Valley high schools on October 4, the DA’s office said. The post prompted school officials in the districts and others to inform parents of the threat, according to the report.

The DA’s office said the girl thought classes would be cancelled if she posted the threats, the report said.  

The girl, who has been sent to a juvenile detention facility, is charged with making terroristic threats with the intent to terrorize another, terroristic threats with intent to cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly or facility of public transportation,  terroristic threats with intent to cause serious public inconvenience or cause terror, criminal use of a communications facility, harassment, disorderly conduct engage in fighting or threatening, or in violent tumultuous behavior and false alarms to agencies of public safety. 

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