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Tarrant County applies brakes on Park Place Maserati lawsuit

Tarrant County Tax Assessor/Collector Ron Wright’s lawsuit against Park Place Maserati came to a screeching halt in August.

Wright had sued the dealership for not filing mandatory state motor vehicle inventory statements for several months in 2014. The business shut down and merged with its store in Dallas. Wright stressed that the lawsuit was over a reporting violation and that the dealership did not owe money on its inventory.

But the penalties for not filing the reports — $500 a month per report — were “onerous,” Wright said. The tax collector uses the inventory tax statement to assess and calculate taxes, prepare tax bills and collect the proper amount of taxes owed by dealers on the sale of motor vehicles.

Within a week of the lawsuit being filed, Park Place settled the dispute by paying $86,000, and the lawsuit was dropped, Wright said.

While saying he doesn’t like the vehicle inventory reporting laws and calling the penalties for not filing properly “egregious,” Wright said it’s still the law.

“I’d like to see them lowered, but they are the law and I have to comply with the law,” Wright said.

The Maserati dealership opened in June 2014 at 5760 Bryant Irvin Road. It was down the street from Park Place’s Mercedes Benz dealership and its auto body shop. The Mercedes Benz dealership’s pre-owned operations and the auto body moved into the former Maserati dealership’s space.

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