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Student stabbed in hallway at school, but no one called 911

Schools aren’t only responsible for making sure students are learning. They’re also responsible for making sure kids are safe during the school day.

A school in Colorado is being criticized for its reaction to a hallway stabbing that left a student in need of emergency surgery, but school officials didn’t deem serious enough to call 911.

One sixth-grade boy stabbed another in the arm and chest with a pencil, which pierced his lung. A health technician examined him and phoned the boy’s parents, but didn’t call an ambulance.

“The student was not lethargic in any way. The student was attentive,” said Andre Spencer, superintendent at the school in Colorado Springs.

The boy was taken to a local hospital but then moved to Children’s Hospital in Denver, about 70 miles away, for surgery.

Parents protested outside School District 2’s administration building to express anger at the way the situation was handled.

“They should have called 911. I mean, if you don’t know how to call 911 when somebody’s stabbed in the chest and can’t breathe, then there’s something wrong with you. You really need to check your priorities,” family friend Aaron Coates told Fox 21 News. “I mean, I know it was late at night, end of the day on Friday and you know, they probably wanted to go home and get high or something, but you know, when you’re at work, you’re at work.”

Spencer said the health technicians at the school had CPR and emergency management training.

“We realize this is a serious issue,” Spencer said. “I definitely want to send my sincere apologies to the families.”

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