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Stephen Colbert Interviews Laura Bananti As A Perfect 'Melania Trump'

Stephen Colbert created more comedy gold last night as he interviewed his show’s version of Melania Trump. Once again, playing Donald’s much younger Slovenian-born spouse, Laura Bananti masterfully captured the unintentional hilarity of Melania’s CNN interview.

The Late Show host set up his interview with a clip from Melania, “Donald’s strategic eye shadow reserve,” in an attempt to exonerate her husband. Stephen concludes that it might be a bit tough to take on notorious foreign dictators if Trump is unable to resist the coaxing of a gossip-TV personality. During the CNN segment, she actually said, ‘They were kind of a boy talk, and he was lead on, like egg on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff.’

COLBERT: Yes, it was all Billy Bush’s fault. Now I know why they were on a bus. It’s easier to throw Billy underneath it.

Colbert’s ‘Melania’ admitted that she definitely hasn’t been holed up at some undisclosed location since the RNC plagiarized speech debacle. She thinks her husband was just the victim of some old fashioned guy talk, being egged on by the irresistible wiles of Billy Boosh.

She doesn’t think her husband grabs women in the billyboosh, either.

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