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Stealing Halloween: dozens of decorations taken from Spokane home

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Every year, one north Spokane home goes all out for Halloween, bringing its spooky spirit to life for the whole neighborhood. But this year, that Halloween magic is in jeopardy of disappearing for good because thieves stole $1,500 worth of decorations right out of their yard. It happened Monday night at Mike McGinnis’ home near Lidgerwood and Wellesley, just across the street from the Northtown Mall.

“It’s sad that we’ve come to the point where people have to do things like that,” said McGinnis.

McGinnis said he and his wife spent more than 30 hours into putting each decoration in just the right spot. It’s something his family has done for the last 20 years.

“It’s one of those things we were really happy and proud to do every year,” said McGinnis. “They come every year by the hundreds. Last year we had 200 trick or treaters.”

McGinnis had several items stolen, including the head for his character Jason and his sword. He also had a mummy, blow up spider, blow up treasure chest and multiple headstones taken. McGinnis was hoping he’d find the thief on his surveillance video.

“We started the recording just a little bit too late. Evidently they came before the recording happened,” said McGinnis.

McGinnis also said he’s had some of his Halloween decorations stolen a few years ago, but nothing to this extent. McGinnis did file a report with police for this most recent theft. McGinnis said even though the decorations will be gone, he’ll still have candy for all the trick or treaters who come to his house this year.

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