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Stealing bottle of aspirin earns man prison time for his 12th conviction

A Lancaster man was recently ordered to serve time in county prison for his latest crime — stealing bottle of aspirin.

David M. Springer has been convicted of stealing from a store 12 times, which is the reason for the prison time after the minor theft, according to a news release from the Lancaster County district attorney’s office. In June, a Lancaster County jury found Springer guilty of stealing a $4.49 bottle of aspirin from a Giant in Lancaster Township.

Springer paid for other items during the shopping trip, however he kept the bottle of aspirin in his pocket, officials said. At sentencing on Oct. 4, Judge Jeffrey Wright noted the low value of the bottle of aspirin but said Springer is a threat to society for continuing to steal from stores before mandating prison time.

Springer was ordered to serve four months in county prison, five months on house arrest, 14 months on parole and three years on probation, officials said. 

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