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Squirrel scam targets elderly churchgoers in Farmers Branch

Police say scammers are going to door-to-door in Farmers Branch offering to exterminate squirrels in the attics of elderly residents’ homes for a couple hundred dollars.

The only catch: The scammers bring the squirrels with them — and the rodents are already dead.

Farmers Branch police have received reports of the scam in the last few days, according to the department’s Facebook page.

The scammers, the Facebook post said, are approaching elderly people and telling them they saw a squirrel run into the attic.

“They then return from the attic with a dead squirrel for a job well done,” the post said. “However, the squirrel has been dead for a while and never was in their attic (alive at least).”

The scammers, described as two men dressed as roofers, apparently have targeted members of Royal Haven Baptist Church in Farmers Branch, according to NBC 5.

“They kept saying, ‘Did you hear the squirrel story?’” Pastor Rick Dorman told the TV station. “And I said, ‘What squirrel story? What are you talking about?’”

When Dorman asked his congregation Sunday if anyone else had experienced a similar scam, “it seemed like all of the hands went up,” he said.

Dorman said believes the scammers are using the church’s directory, which includes names and addresses of church members, to target victims, according to the NBC report.

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