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Spot The Difference: Hillary Clinton Did Not Promote A New Hotel At Her Press Conference

Hillary Clinton held a press conference on a New York tarmac before flying to Pennsylvania to continue campaigning for President.

Her press conference focussed on the recent incidents in New York and Minneapolis/St. Cloud, and included words like “resolve,” “experience,” and “local law enforcement.”

She did not offer the attending press a tour of any new hotel properties, nor did she try to sweep her previous stated opinions about President Obama’s birthplace under any rug at a soft-opened “luxury” hotel.

The last time Donald Trump held an actual press conference (on July 27! Where’s that countdown clock?), he “jokingly” invited Vladimir Putin and his Russian hackers to commit cyber crime against the United States, suggesting they “find missing emails” of his opponent.

Next time someone tells you there’s no difference between the candidates…well, that won’t happen anymore, will it?

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