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Spokane roof company braces for storm damage

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Several local roofing companies have been trying to get homes ready for the wind and rain, including Heritage Roofing and Construction. They were busy Friday working on homes that are still dealing with the wreckage from the November 2015 windstorm.

“I would have to say 98 percent of our work this year has been from the November storm,” said owner Ted Flynn.

On Spokane’s south hill, Heritage crews had two homes on their list right across from each other that still have November storm damage. One house had to have their roof replaced, and the other lost several shingles and had a leak in the roof. Flynn said problems could continue to pile up with high winds this weekend.

“Those roofs that are still in tact, a lot of them were damaged. The shingles might not have blown off but they’re still susceptible to damage down the road,” said Flynn.

Flynn said if you’re concerned your roof won’t withstand the winds, get it checked out.

“Have them inspected. If you have a roof that’s 20 years old and you haven’t had it inspected since last November, I believe it was 17th, you have one year from that day, if you have wind damage to make a claim,” said Flynn. “And that’s dwindling down.”

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