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Spokane Police crack down on public pot smoking

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Spokane Police are starting to crack down on people smoking marijuana in public. It’s legal, but according to the law, you can’t smoke it in public.

Think of it like beer. It’s legal and you can buy it, but you can’t do so in public.

The police received a rising number of complaints from businesses and people, so the police, Spokane Regional Health District, and the Downtown Spokane Partnership started an education campaign about the rules and regulations in June called “Weed to Know.”

SRHD says that campaign reduced the issue by about 20 percent, but there is still more to be done which is why they’re going to be stricter now.

If police see you smoking pot in public, you’ll get ticket, which can come with a fine of $103. If you’re minor or under 21 years old, you can be charged with a misdemeanor possession of marijuana, which has a maximum of 90 days in jail and/or a fine of $1,000.

For more information: http://www.srhd.org/weedtoknow.asp

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