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Spokane man unscathed after deer smashes windshield


Not only is a Spokane man back to work after crashing into a deer Monday morning, but he’s practically unscathed.

“I feel pretty lucky because I’ve seen what can happen when an animal goes through windshields,” said Mike Grytdal. “I encounter deer all the time but I’ve never hit one until this day.”

The crash happened on the Palouse Highway near 65th at around 6:30 a.m. when Grytdal was driving to work.

“All of a sudden I caught him at the last minute and he jumped out of the ditch,” said Grytdal. “He never hit the front of the car or the grill, the whole backside came through the front window.”

Grytdal says he had to duck as the antlers on the five-point buck missed his head by six inches.

“I just kind of pushed him out because he was still kicking and flailing and he was in the car,” said Grytdal. “It all happened so fast.”

The only injury sustained by Grytdal was a small scratch on his finger.

Unfortunately the buck died.

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