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Spokane family's home shot by hunters' bullets

SPOKANE, Wash. -

It’s still hard for the Murphys to believe. They came home Saturday afternoon to find bullet holes in their door, and second floor of their home.

This was in the Northwood neighborhood off of Argonne. James Murphy says they called Crime Check immediately, and when an officer came out to take a look, he told them that everything was pointing to the fact that it came from a hunter.

Murphy’s neighborhood is a no shooting zone, but just north of there, on top of the hill, people can go hunting.

“I didn’t know what to think because we’d lived up here for 15 years and we’d never experienced anything like this,” he says.

Thankfully, James and his wife weren’t home at the time. Their son was in the basement.

“Luckily nobody got hurt. And that’s the bottom line,” he says.

But one of the bullets did make its way inside the house. Their cats were playing with it.

“I have no problem with hunting but go hunting in a hunting zone,” he says.

Especially because according to experts, these bullets can travel up to 2 miles if the conditions are right. So, James hopes people are more careful since someone can get hurt.

“I just hope the hunters use more responsibility, take more responsibility for your weapon. That’s all I’m asking,” he says.

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office urges hunters to be safe while they’re out and make sure they know where and what’s behind where they’re shooting. For more information on hunter safety, http://wdfw.wa.gov/hunting/huntered/hunting_incidents.html

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