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Spokane business owner warns of counterfeit bills

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Receiving a counterfeit bill is a headache for any business, but one slipped through the cracks the other day in Spokane because of how it was faked.

Satori got a $50 bill for a purchase two days ago. The budtender used a counterfeit detector pen on it, and it passed the test for being real that way. But upon further inspection afterwards by the office manager, Brittany DeFlorio, “I found out it was actually a five under there.”

What she means is the bill used to be a $5 bill, but someone printed a $50 over it. You can actually still see a light purple “5” under the “50.” It’s something she has never seen before.

“It’s just crazy the length that criminals will go to, to try to just get a free score basically. It’s unfortunate. It’s very sad,” DeFlorio says.

It’s frustrating, but DeFlorio hopes no other business will go through the same thing.

“Watch out and check twice,” she says.

If you think you’ve received a counterfeit bill, contact local law enforcement or the US Secret Service. For more information: https://www.federalreserve.gov/faqs/currency_12597.htm

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