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Spokane barber makes haircut house call for teen hit by car

SPOKANE, Wash. -

Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean a lot. That proved true for Andy Prochnow who’s been in the hospital since August 14.

A car hit the 15-year-old while he was out longboarding and he was sent to the intensive care unit. He’s been in rehabilitation for the last three weeks, and has wanted a haircut ever since. But it’s been difficult.

“I have 60 staples and 20 stitches,” Andy says. That’s not including the brain injury he has too. Remarkably, he’s been recovering, but still has a long way to go.

“I heard he hates to have his bangs in his face,” says Nate Webster, the barber from HeadHunters Barbershop who’s going to help Andy out.

He drove to St. Luke’s to make this house call on Sunday. He says he feels blessed to help Andy feel better.  

“Once you go get that haircut, you could be feeling down but once you get that haircut and everything gets tight, it’s fresh. Everything’s nice. You feel like a whole totally different person,” he says.

During the haircut, Andy couldn’t stop smiling. After all, laughter is the best medicine, as are the hugs Andy gets from his friendly barber.

Andy’s mom says he’ll finally be going home on Tuesday and he’ll be sporting his new haircut for homecoming next weekend. Andy says he’ll be going to see Nate in the shop when he can. 

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