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South Portland councilors to vote on e-cigarette restrictions

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — The South Portland City Council may move to ban e-cigarettes from public property, reports Portland television station WGME, CBS 13.

The city already bans other tobacco products in certain parts of the city.

Councilors said the new ban was aimed at preventing teens and young adults from smoking.

The ordinance would ban all tobacco products including e-cigarette vaporizers from parks, beaches, playgrounds and school bus stops.

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The council is expected to take a final vote on the new amendment Monday night, which would extend the city’s tobacco-free policy currently in effect.

E-cigarettes vaporize flavored water instead of burning tobacco, but it still contains nicotine.

Councilors said it can serve as a gateway for teens to pick up a smoking habit.

Residents at the city park said they’d be fine with people using the devices there because all they give off is water vapor.

If approved at Monday night’s meeting, the amendments would go into effect on Nov. 7, and would carry fines as high as $500.


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