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Solar roads unveiled in Sandpoint


If you passed by Jeff Jones Town Square in Sandpoint Saturday, the crowd was hard to miss. The crowd had gathered to see the unveiling of Sandpoint’s solar roads.

“I think it’s an awesome idea. I’d volunteer my driveway for an experiment,” said one crowd member. 

But inventor Scott Brusaw says he can’t take all the credit, “It’s actually my wife’s idea,” he said. 

Now a small group of solar panels is powering the lights in the square, and they can also melt snow and ice during the winter months. While they’re still working to put the panels on the road, they are becoming a tourist attraction.

“There’s a lot of people here already. We’ve got people around the world tell us, ‘Let us know when it’s done, we want to see it,'” said Brusaw. “Of course the city of Sandpoint loves that because everyone who comes to see it stays in local hotels, eats at local restaurants and goes to local shops.”

And the couple’s not done yet.

“We’re hoping to pave the entire United States and beyond.”

For more information on solar roadways, click here: http://www.cityofsandpoint.com/visiting-sandpoint/solar-roadways#ad-image-12

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