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Single furry dog in search of a loving blonde lady

It reads like a Craigslist ad, but an animal shelter in Central Texas is hoping it will get one woman’s attention with the help of the internet.

On Tuesday, Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter wrote about black-and-tan German Shepherd mix’s lost connection with a “lovely blonde woman.”

The shelter posted on its Facebook page on behalf of the dog named Guinness: “MISSED CONNECTION: We were at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter last Wednesday or Thursday. You were a lovely blonde woman who was thinking of adopting. I, a loving Shepherd mix. We went for a lovely walk. You needed to think about it. (Something I really respect.) When you came for me on Saturday, I was not at the shelter. The post-it you wrote your number on got lost…so now I’m reaching out. Dear nice blonde lady – if you still want to adopt me – I’m here. Love, Guinness.”

So far, the post has been shared more than 330 times.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the woman described in the post has not returned, a shelter representative said. However, another person has requested more information on the dog.

Let’s hope it’s a love connection.


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