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Shep Smith Hammers Florida Fox Viewers: Freedom? Evacuate!

Shepard Smith has had it with his Fox News loving jagoffs. Late yesterday he told off those Floridians staying behind in the wake of evacuation orders, and he threw conservative talking points in their faces as an argument:

Time’s up. That’s what Florida’s Governor Rick Scott said this morning. You live here, now you got to go. Got to go! Got to evacuate from these areas. We’ve told you, these are the areas where you must evacuate! If you live in that area, you must evacuate! It’s a rule! But not everybody’s listening. Because freedom and stuff. Freedom. Tell that to the cop who has to come dig you out. What about that cop’s freedom? You love law enforcement, but all of a sudden, you put them in jeopardy. Think about it. Come on, now.

Of course, if any of the Florida diehards are getting their news from Fox AND Matt Drudge, because “both sides,” they may think the Republican Governor is lying to them to hide a secret climate change conspiracy French communist world government thanks Obama.

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